Wondering How To Make Your Ultra-luxury Villas In Bangalore Back

Wondering How To Make Your Ultra-luxury Villas In Bangalore? Read This!

Posted by Concorde

21 July 2022

“Luxury” is a word that’s casually inserted in conversations these days. The idea of luxury although personal, there is a general agreement that luxury is sought after because it makes life exciting and interesting. It offers up the best bits of life on a silver platter. Luxury looks like different things to different people, even when it comes to homes. It could be something simple like a balcony or it could be something as lavish as a jacuzzi. But ultra luxury often looks like Concorde’s Abode 99. An ultra luxury villa community that’s every bit as grand as it sounds.

Here are 5 things that make Villas in Bangalore truly ultra luxury.

  1. Space: There is no luxury like space. Let’s be honest, all your heart's deep desires finally boil down to having room for everything. Whether it is an extra room for guests or having a room for your kids. Space is a real luxury. Meticulously designed villas win in that regard, whether it is a 3BHK or a 4BHK home, it is simply about making the most without wasting a sq.ft of space. With just 159 units spread across 12.7 acres, it is sure to offer you space unlike any other home.
  2. Views: If you’re looking for ultra luxury, you can’t compromise on the views. Whether it is lakes, hills or a skyline. True ultra luxury homes come with a signature view that makes you look forward to opening your doors and breathing in the views. The other advantage of having a breathtaking view, is the fact that you can enjoy the beauty of your city without ever having to step out for a vacation!
  3. Finish and fittings: What is the difference between a regular hotel and a 5 star one? The ‘vibe’. Whether it is the shower or a grand entryway, the finish and fittings make all the difference. Ultra luxury homes have unique stylistic themes, handpicked materials and absolutely nothing generic.
  4. Comforts that are a cut above the rest: Comforts like social infrastructure are a given for luxury homes. But what makes ultra luxury homes in Bangalore truly special are comforts both within and outside your apartment complex. Whether it is accessibility to top malls, school and offices or amenities like coworking spaces, large recreational decks or exclusive clubs like ‘Club Evolve’ on the premises, these comforts make life a cut above the rest.
  5. A true lifestyle: A luxury home isn’t just a space to stay but one that offers you a lifestyle. With the right amenities, neighbours and luxuries, you are sure to experience the best kind of life in Bangalore.

Concorde is proud to be a partner in making thousands of dreams come true with luxury homes that offer residents a life that’s cut above the rest. Concorde’s ultra luxury villa project “Abode 99”, is a unique project that aims to help Bangaloreans realize their dream of finding a home that actually is the true definition of luxury. With plush amenities, amazing location and even better views, a select club of Bangaloreans will find the meaning of ultra luxury lifestyle. If you are on the lookout for a great home, then drop by our offices to enquire about Villas for sale in South Bangalore.

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