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1. This application is made by the Applicant(s) for the allotment of Unit and the Enterprise reserves the right to refuse or allot the Unit to the Applicant(s). This application will be processed by Enterprise only after encashment of the Cheque/DD for blocking amount.

2. The application shall accompany self attested proof of address and PAN Card copy. If the application is in joint names, both the applicants need to sign the application form. Application form shall not be accepted in the absence of proof of address and PAN card copy. The address for which proof is submitted shall be used in Agreement(s), and other registered/legal documents.

3. The applicant(s) have inspected the location of the project and having satisfied with the location, signed and submitted this application to the Enterprise for booking the Unit. The applicant(s) has also read & understood the details & specifications of the project contained in the Brochures provided by the Enterprise.


1. The payment on or before due date, of sale price and other amount payable by the proposed applicant(s) as per the payment plan accepted by the applicant(s) or as demanded by the company from time to time is the essence of this application.

2. Rates subject to change without prior notice. If any revision in rates takes place even when decision-making process is in progress or full booking amount has not been paid, in those events, The Revised Rates shall become applicable.

3. The applicant(s) agree to make installment payment within the time limit specified in the Demand letter/payment schedule not withstanding execution of Agreement(s) or sanction of bank loan etc. Any delay or default in making payment of the installments, Enterprise shall charge compound interest as per RERA from the due date.

4. Stamp duty/Registration charges amount payable for the agreement(s) and subsequent deeds as per the amendment w.e.f from 1.4.2009 to the Karnataka Stamp Act or RERA are to be paid by the applicant(s).

5. The applicant(s) agrees to pay additional preferential charges for preferential location as described in this application and selection and as per the payment plan selected. If, due to any change in layout / or building plan, said unit ceases to be in a preferential location, the Enterprise shall be liable to refund only the amount of preferential charges paid. If due to any change in the layout or building plan, the said unit becomes preferential located, then the applicant(s) agrees to pay the amount of preferential location charges as demanded by the Enterprise.

6. The total price does not include Stamp duty and Registration Charges.

Agreement to sale and /or Construction agreement “Agreements(s):
Time to execute Agreements(s): 21 days from the date of Application.

7. The applicant(s) agree to execute the Agreement(s) for the Unit in Enterprise’s standard format within stipulated period of 21 days from the date of this Application. Failure to execute the Agreement(s) within the prescribed period shall attract actions as per the conditions of this booking form which would result in cancellation. After cancellation Enterprise are entitled to re-allot and resell the Unit to any other person and on such terms and conditions as Enterprise deems fit and repay to the applicant(s) the balance amount, if any, within 12 weeks from the date of resale.


8. The applicant(s) agree that the cancellation of booking will be only in exceptional cases and for valid reasons to the satisfaction of Enterprise.A cancellation charge of Rs.10,000/- for plots, Rs.15,000/- for apartments, and Rs.20,000/- for villas will be applicable upto 21 days from the date of booking.

9. If the applicant(s) cancels the Unit post 21 days or before the agreement is signed , and if the same is considered ,The Enterprise is entitled to forfeit / recover 1% of the sale value of the unit. After cancellation Enterprise is entitled to re-allot and resell the Unit to any other person and on such terms and conditions as Enterprise deems fit and repay to the applicant(s) the balance amount, if any, within 12 weeks from the date of cancellation.


10. The applicant(s) clearly understands that this application does not constitute an agreement(s) he/she does not become entitle to the provisional and / or final allotment of the Unit not withstanding the fact that the company may have issued a receipt in acknowledgment of the money tendered with this application until agreement(s) is executed.

11. The applicant(s) agree that in case Enterprise decides not to go ahead with this Project/phase for any reason whatsoever and such decision of Enterprise shall be final and binding and cannot be disputed, Enterprise will refund the amount paid by the Applicant(s) as per RERA within 12 weeks or such other extended time from the date of decision of Enterprise not to execute the project or phase.

12. The structures shown in the perspective are conceptual designs and may vary at the time of execution. The location of the facilities is subject to change depending on the architect advice for better planning.

13. Enterprise shall have the first lien on the said Unit for all dues payable by the Applicant(s) to Enterprise.

14. All the units are planned keeping in mind day to day usability and there is no scope for any change in the design of the unit.

15. Applying for khata subsequent to registration is purchaser’s responsibility. However Enterprise may provide requisite assistance in this matter at a cost.

16. Enterprise reserves the right to offer alternative unit in case the availability of Unit is beyond the control of the Enterprise.

17. Prices indicated at the time of booking are only indicative; the final price with complete breakup will be made available as annexure in the agreement(s).

18. The applicant(s) have read and understood the terms and conditions herein. The terms and conditions herein are to be read in conjunction with the Agreements(s), Post Handover documents, maintenance document and letters sent by Enterprise, specific to the project.

19. The Enterprise will not be obliged to honor any oral / written commitment / confirmation, not forming part of Agreement(s) or the sanctioned plan.

20. In case of conflict in the Pricing, Terms and condition mentioned herein and in the agreement(s) the one mentioned in the agreement(s) shall only prevail.

21. All spaces provided in this application form shall be appropriately filled along with online forms. Incomplete applications are liable to be rejected.

22. All disputes relating to / arising out of this application are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Bangalore.


I/ We the undersigned applicant(s) do hereby declare that the above-mentioned particulars/information given by me/us are Irrevocable, true and correct to my/our knowledge and no material fact has been concealed there from. I/We have gone through the terms and conditions written in this application and accept the same and which shall ipso-facto be applicable to my/our legal heirs and successors. I/We declare that in case of non-allotment of the unit, my/our claim shall be limited only to the extent of amount paid by me/us in relation to this application form.