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29 Dec 2017

A survey conducted last year found that the city of Bangalore ranked 63rd out of 168 cities on air quality in India. Once the garden city of the country, Bangalore has lost much of its green cover to urbanization. In addition, population influx has led to the staggering increase in number of automobiles, especially private vehicles,in the city. The resultant increase in vehicular emission has been the major cause for the degrading air quality of the city.

Residents and home buyers today are seriously concerned for this rising issue. Civic authorities have been faced with the humungous challenge to find a solution to resolve the rising health threat.This has been worsened as some of the main reasons for the cause, infrastructural development, increasing vehicles, and population migrationare inevitable to avoid. But the entry of modern transportation facilities like the metro has brought in much hope also towards curbing the rise of air pollutants from vehicular emissions.

A recent air quality analysis by the Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) revealed that air pollution levels along metro corridors of the North-South corridor (Nagasandra-Yelachenahalli) and the East-West corridor (Byappanahalli-Mysuru road) have witnessed a dip in pollutant levels. The research further revealed that the pollution levels of the 24km stretch North-South corridor reduced by an average of 8.9% and the 18km East-West corridor by 13.3%.

There have been 2 main reasons behind this. First, well-equipped transport reduces dependence on private vehicles, which further brings down vehicular emission. And second, the metro, which operates on a reduced emission technology, helps prevent global warming. The public at large by switching over to metro are not only saving their hard earned money but also adding their bit in reducing the carbon foot print of the city.

Ease of access to sound infrastructural facilities without compromising on environmental stability is what every home buyer seeks. Hence it help been widely reported and accepted that, the future development of the city will happen along the metro corridor and the ongoing real estate projects which are there in the vicinity will have huge demand. The Concorde Group through its projects comprising premium villas and luxury apartments that are strategically located in areas close to metro corridors, not only offer convenience, but also helps individuals contribute towards a greener tomorrow.

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