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Top 7 Reasons Why to Invest in Malur's Residential Property Hub

Posted by Concorde

27 JUNE 2023

Bangalore, the bustling capital city of Karnataka, has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years. As the city expands and evolves, new areas are emerging as hotspots for real estate investment. One such area that has garnered significant attention is Malur. Known for its strategic location and rapidly developing infrastructure, the locality has become a rising residential property hub in Bangalore. Concorde Equity is one such promising property in Malur that offers endless amenities to build your dream home.

Let's explore the reasons behind Malur's transformation and why it is an ideal investment destination for homebuyers.

  1. Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB): Malur's ascent as a residential property hub can be attributed to the Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB). The KIADB has played a pivotal role in the expansion of the industrial zone in the locality. By developing a vast industrial complex, the KIADB has attracted numerous manufacturing plants and industries to set up their regional operations. This influx of industries has created a demand for housing, leading to the development of residential projects in Malur.
  2. Hoskote-Malur: Hoskote-Malur, the region encompassing both Hoskote and Malur, has emerged as an upcoming auto hub in Karnataka. This has further boosted the demand for housing in and around this area. As significant automobile companies establish their manufacturing units in the vicinity, the need for residential inventory has surged. Homebuyers are attracted to the area due to its proximity to these industrial hubs, providing ample job opportunities and a thriving ecosystem.
  3. Social Infrastructures: Malur's growth as a residential property hub is complemented by the development of social infrastructures. The local authorities and private developers have made substantial investments in constructing schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, and recreational centers. This development ensures that residents have access to essential amenities and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The presence of quality educational institutions and healthcare facilities adds to the appeal of Malur as a residential destination.
  4. Retail Market Development: Another factor contributing to Malur's rise as a residential property hub is the development of the retail market in the area. With the influx of residents and the growth of industries, the demand for retail spaces has increased significantly. Shopping malls, supermarkets, and retail outlets have mushroomed in Malur, providing residents with a vibrant shopping spree experience. The presence of a thriving retail market adds value to the residential properties in the area.
  5. Connectivity: Malur's strategic location enhances its appeal as a residential property hub. It enjoys excellent connectivity to major parts of Bangalore through well-established road networks. The presence of the Bengaluru-Chennai Highway and the upcoming Peripheral Ring Road provides seamless connectivity to different parts of the city. Additionally, the proposed suburban railway line will further improve the connectivity, making it easier for residents to commute to their workplaces.
  6. Affordable Residential Properties: One of the key attractions of Malur is the availability of affordable residential properties. Compared to the skyrocketing prices in the central parts of Bangalore, Malur offers reasonably priced housing options without compromising on quality.
    Concord Equity property at Malur provides affordable homes with all the necessary amenities and an exciting clubhouse to relax. Homebuyers, especially first-time buyers and investors, find the property prices in Malur enticing, making it an ideal destination for long-term investment plans.
  7. Emerging Center for Real Estate: Malur is emerging as a center for real estate development, with various reputable developers venturing into the area. The increasing demand for residential properties has led to the launch of numerous projects catering to different budget ranges and lifestyle requirements. This competitive real estate market ensures that homebuyers have a wide array of options to choose from, further enhancing Malur's appeal as a residential property hub.

Thus, Malur's transformation into a rising residential property hub in Bangalore can be attributed to its strategic location. Also, the expansion of the industrial zone, the establishment of Karnataka's upcoming auto hub, the development of social infrastructures and the retail market, and the presence of a vast industrial complex have all contributed to its growth.

The area has become an attractive investment destination with affordable residential properties, excellent connectivity, and the presence of reputed developers like Concorde Group. Their Concorde Malur project has played a pivotal role in shaping Malur's growth. Their commitment to delivering quality residential projects has attracted homebuyers to the area. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Concorde Malur has established itself as a trusted brand in the region. Their projects offer a range of options, including plots in Hoskote, and plots and villas in Malur, catering to diverse buyer preferences. As Malur continues to develop and flourish, it promises an optimistic future for homebuyers and investors alike.

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