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12 April 2018

It is said that man was created to live in a garden. True or not, that’s for you to find out. But affinity towards nature is an innate human inclination; nobody is taught to like the green trees or develop a preference for breathing in fresh air. But today’s urban environment has taken away much of the green that we need for living a healthy life. And in the clutter of concrete, we may have become ignorant of the health benefits that we get from living in nature. Here are 3 major health benefits of living in the green that may be a surprise to many of us:

  1. REDUCED HEALTH DISORDERS- Anxiety and Depression are among the two most alarming health issues of our time. And this problem is most common to people working in an urban environment for work stress-related issues. Living in nature not only offers a serene environment but also healing properties that we may not be aware of. It has been scientifically proven that living in a natural environment greatly reduces the risk of these disorders.

  2. IMPROVED COGNITION AND IMMUNITY– Study reveals that children who spend more time in the natural environment have higher cognition ability and increased immunity towards health diseases. Young children today are more exposed to electronic gadgets than to the priority of exposure to the outdoors, which is vital for a holistic growth. This predicament has given rise to the epidemic of obesity and diabetes. But exposure to adequate natural space offers both physical activity and increased interaction with relevant age groups; one of the most helpful steps in counter-attacking these challenges.

  3. HEALTH RESTORATION– Frequent exposure to nature has been proven to have a restorative effect on our mental health. The color green has a relaxation effect on both our mind and emotions. And the tranquility and peace we get are beyond what any other environment can provide; a perfect place for both learning and retirement.

A natural setting, of course, offers aesthetic appeal and value, but more importantly let us not forget it offers us the opportunity to heal our body, mind, and soul. And at Concorde Napa Valley discover the abundance of green that we were meant to live in.

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