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Posted by Concorde

10 May 2017

Buying a home in a city like Bangalore is a Herculean task. On an average, this process takes every individual with a minimum of 2 months to anywhere up to a year and more in some cases! With the increase in property prices, individuals have to work harder and save more in order to buy their long-awaited dream home in the most convenient location of the city.

What adds to the weight of this are the additional charges one needs to pay on top of the cost of the house. Additional charges such as BWSSB, BESCOM, PLC, Car park, Maintenance, Clubhouse and other incidental charges makes buyers pay more than what they anticipated. Furthermore,charges for apartments/villas are not uniform throughout the project. Though you may have seen an ad of an apartment for a certain amount, it is subject to change depending on the view, floor-rise and other such factors. Such preferential location charges (PLC) disappoint many buyers since the buyers will have to pay more for the desired floor and choice of apartment/villa.

With so many additional charges, homebuyers have to pay much more than the actual price of the property, eventually leading to disappointment. After having gone through the ordeal of finalizing a suitable location, development, and the project with suitable amenities over a period few months, the least the buyer wants to face is a disappointment in terms of affordability due to the long list of additional charges.

Understanding this problem faced by homebuyers, Concorde offers you its exclusive Concorde Retail Price (CRP) offer (The real and true price). You don’t have to pay anymore for additional charges. What you pay for the house includes all the other charges and fees except taxes and stamp duties payable to the Govt. No BESCOM and BWSSB charges, No parking and free maintenance charges up to a year, No Floor rise charges, No PLC and Clubhouse charges. The CRP offer is here to bring much savings benefitto homebuyers. It cannot get more realistic and clearer than this.

You no longer need to pay more than what you’ve anticipated! Isn’t that great news?!To top it off, Concorde also offers a reward of 10gm gold coin on spot booking for its Napa Valley luxury villa project and a 5gm gold coin reward on spot booking for its luxury apartments like Epitome, Wind Rush andTech Turf.So hurry, grab the opportunity and avail this limited perioddream offer you’ve been waiting for long!

To know more about the offer and project details, please contact us at 080 66314534 or email us at

Note: The CRP offer is valid till the 10th December 2017.

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